Dolls / Dollhouses

consider for heads / bodies of "haunted dolls".
basic description, not so much an 'ible as a collection of jumping-off points. brass tube and copper wiring joints under a Sculpey form. dress is created from a balloon dyed with ink, gloves and boots from Sculpey.
possible easy limited-production system for handmade miniatures, recasts of existing plastics.
similar in construction to the Licca / Jenny dolls popular in Japan. wire armature under a lightweight Sculpey form. risk of metal fatigue - consider a backup joint system on major pieces (neck, hips, waist if articulated).
magnet-jointed custom-sculpted piecemeal "action figure", complete with vacuum-formed blister packaging. amazing, really. very unique joint system.
simple method of doll pants construction, very low-stress. plus some very useful links to historical costume cutting layout sites.
covered wiring, switch system, pre-planning steps during dollhouse construction included.
animation, stopmo, puppetry. complete instructions and printable to construct quick, durable, 3d paper puppets.
basic concept, no set measurements. try replicating with MDF for improved durability (will need to be hinged).
would also be excellent for stopmo, animation, etc. b/c the clothes are easy to wash, can be re-shaped quickly (to ripple, bend, etc.), and can be restored to original dimensions with only a thin coating of warm wax and some cooling time.
basic animatronics wiring and coding thru arduino. use as a basis for larger / more complex projects.
also animation, possibly sculpture