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Introduction: Domo - Large Format Cnc Mill

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Domo is my cnc milling machine targeted at ease of construction while maintaining high rigidity.  I'm not a metal worker nor do i have the tools for this sort of precision.  Having stated such, I designed domo with the goal of using as many existing components as possible.  He's not yet 100% complete but cuts, routes, mills, etc.

This includes parts from 8020 aluminum,,  hardware store, mcmaster carr, and  Cutting range is 29.5" by 58".  This design should scale easily yet I've not verified.

Blog is here and a few test cuts are here!

Thanks for the feedback!!



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    Hey cswick, sorry for the slow response. thanks!

    I think this can be built for somewhere around 2300 - maybe less.

    Whoa. That's not bad at all! I would love to build one for my guitar-making. Are the plans available??

    Nah, I have not yet decided to post plans. I'm still toying with the idea of selling them or making them free. =)

    I can tell you that I designed this to built with 98% prefab parts. There are a few plates that have to be custom made.

    You, sir, are a genius.

    I don't have access to many shop-tools so anything I can get in the way of CNC with pre-fab, I'll gladly look into haha Even if it means paying a little bit for the plans lol

    It looks awesome, and very accurate. What control software do you use to run your g-code?

    Oh ok awesome. That's what I have done all of my instructions in (mach 3 format) so it would work out amazingly lol

    However, due to the fact that these plans aren't readily available yet I will probably end up having to go with a K2 CNC machine for my guitar making needs. But it is still an amazing looking CNC machine you have here.

    correction: linearmotionbearings2008

    the store is here

    The rails are from but you can check out eBay seller linearmotion2008.

    The motors are from (my service experience was not the best ) You should also check out probotix who has great service.