Double Barreled Bolt-action Knex Weapon




I ADDED SOME EXTENSIONS TODAY... This is a double barreled bolt action knex weapon witch you can shoot independent of each barrel. Its VERY POWERFULL so watch out!! =p

its very easy to make but you need a lot of yellow connectors and grey connectors. the ram is a orange connector with a grey rod on it. you HAVE TO tape the connector on the grey rod, otherwise you damage the orange connector.

feel free to make mods on this but say to me if you do!!! =)

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Step 1: Making the (double) Barrel

look good to the picture and make like that. i dont think you become in problems with this. im using grey rods...

Step 2: Making the Grip

now we gonna make the grip wich comes on the yellow connectors

Step 3: Adding Rubberbands and Make the Rams

make the ram as shown and tape it. you have to tape it very good!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise your orange connector should brake!!!!!!!!!!

add the rubber bands as shown. if you read good in the previous step you already add 2 rubberbands before you add the red connectors. i did it wrong first so you see it wrong on the pictures. the rubberband has to be under the red connectors cause if you dont do that the ram should bow if you load ;-)

Step 4: Loading and Firing

not hard at all but i wanted to show it =p

here's a video of firing the gun on a cardboard box =)

Step 5: Some Extensions and Ammo

i've made a new extension to my gun and some other ammo...



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    9 years ago on Step 4

    yeah I see a video, YOUR VIDEO IS BEEN REMOVED

    i dont have it lol....
    those are all the signs i have on this Latin keyboard lol...
    its for Spanish cause, you know in Ecuador we talk Spanish...