Double Guitar Amp Stand





Introduction: Double Guitar Amp Stand

I haven't made an instructable because I changed things up a bit. Mine has been holding up really well for over to a year now.

I welcome anyone that wants to collaborate on this because I never had the time to post an instructable. . So far I have added 3 people and will add anyone else that is interested.

"Lutherinski" has made one with electrical conduit and would like to post his pictures as well. maybe he will post an instructable?



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    I will get with you when I get off of work. The amplifier stand went through two designs. The first one was made so the amp on the bottom amp would lean back and project the speakers toward your ears. When i got a 2x12 speaker cab I had to change things up and the bottom amp no longer leaned back. Keep in mind that another person "lutherinski" had me post the one he mad on here as well, so you are looking at 3 different designs

    Yes, it is 3/4" pvc. Feel free to look at the pictures and make one. Lutherinski has made one as well and was going to post an instructable but I'm sure it wore him thin also. Feel free to post an instructable when you are through also.

    Hi phill_up. I was woundering about the guitar rack do you have pictures on that?

    The guitar rack is a 7 guitar rack from guitar center. It was like $70, new and its made out good rectangular tubing. (Made to last)

    Hi. Could please tell me how i can get the plans for the whole thing. This will work out great for me it will give me alot of room. I will try to figure out how hang my guitars on it to. I dont have alot of room for 3 amps and 5 guitars. Its a pain tripping over everything. I cant afford an add on or a new house so this will be great.

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    I also have made an effects pedal board that can be built with just scrap lumber that is laying around the house. I actually like it better than any of the plastic ones you can buy

    Hi, thank you for your interest. I saw a rack made out of PVC to make the amp lean back and did the same thing. Then I got the idea to add another amp on top to save room. When I changed amps I had to redo it and the bottom amp no longer angled back. It was very time consuming to make this and was pretty expensive as well. I have recently came up with another plan that I have not posted on instructables yet, that is made from 2"x4" that blows this thing away in strength & function that can be built in half the time, with only half of the cost. It will be so strong that you can hang what ever you want on it and also take it on the road if you wanted. Is there a private message on here that we can discuss on how to get the instructions to you? I would also like someone to collaborate with and post your design on instructables for others to use, can you do that?

    You may have answered this question and I just didn't see it. What size PVC pipe do you use for the double amp stand? By the way. Great idea. You know, if you had instruction on these I would be more than happy to buy them and I think others would also. As long as it is not real high priced. Something you may want to think of. The amps I am wanting to stack are all Fender tubes worth a lot of change. I would hate to go on my idea of how it should be done just to have the Fender 65 deluxe come falling down.

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    Hi, and thank you for your interest. It is made of 3/4" schedule 40. I will not charge for any plans, but I will not be held responsible for any thing that breaks either. This never moves from my bedroom so it works well for me and I never have any worries about it collapsing. Are you wanting the 1st design where the amp on bottom rocks back? or the second design? I have put this thing through so many changes it has been a work in progress and it does incorporate some birch wood now

    Great concept and continued improvements. I would like to get a set of the plans for the 1st design, as you have them. I am particularly interested in the design for Picture 9 above. I would be willing to help you and your other collaborators with the write ups. IMHO this pictures are great and express the idea, but for those folks like myself, who don't have your imagination, a generic set of plans would set this instructable in a class all by itself.

    I still have not written any plans for this. It kept changing and I wasted a lot of parts. You have been added as a collaborator. feel free to use this page but it may work out better if you started a new page with your own password, that way you can add pics and explain them. link to it from here if you would like. From the 1st pic to the 9th pic are all the same design. Find the good schedule 40, not the material you get at Lowe's. it has short sockets and the pipe has no strength.

    Thank you for the speedy reply. My intention for the amp stand/stands, are for my small home studio. At the present I have 6 amps, which are: Fender 65 Twin Reverb, Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb, 1957 reissue Blues Jr. NOS, 15 watt all tube, Peavey all tube Delta Blues, a cheap Behringer bass amp, and last but not least. A Marshall JVM410H, with a Marshall 1960A Cab. My thinking is to make a stand that would house the Deluxe Reverb over the Twin Reverb. The blues jr NOS is small enough to set on top of something. Because one of our bed rooms is used for my studio, I am out of room when you add all of the other equipment with the amps. So, long story short. If I could reduce the space of 4 amps down to two. This would give me extra room for other things that I will add as time goes on. As you know tube amps are heavy. What ever I build must be strong enough to hold 40 to 50lbs. The Twin Reverb and Delta blues would be on the bottom, with the deluxe and blues jr. on top. I hope I have given you a good picture in your mind that will help you with this project. I really do thank you for your time in helping others.

    I will work with you on this. I was hoping for some Collaboration from others. The delta blues has the chicken head knobs toward the back of the amp? You wouldn't want the amp to rock back if it was on bottom, it may be tough to access knobs. The twin reverb may rock back but may not dissipate the heat as well if rocked back? lets assume that both bottom amps will sit horizontally. This design will be a piece of cake for you with just 1X12" amps on top. I can not stress enough to NOT buy the PVC from Lowe's, it is very thin. You will need to find an Air Conditioning Supply Store or equivalent to get the good PVC. The design you are making should be plenty sturdy. I have the big HEAVY peavey 2X12" on top of mine and I'm not afraid of it. I have a drum machine, light and top shelf mounted on mine now. I will pull the amps off this weekend and take some pictures so you can get a fitting count. Maybe you could post an Instructable?

    Once again, many thanks for the information supplied. Had you not have said something about the PVC at Lowe's. That was the place I was headed for. See, I already learned something. I'm not what you would call a handy man. My skills just don't lie within making things. However, I did have to replace all the PVC in a motor home I had years ago. All of the PVC broke due to them freezing. It is a matter of measuring, then putting them together with the right connections----I THINK
    I will let you know when I have addressed this project.


    It wasn't all that cheap to make it. I think I bought somewhere around 70' of pvc. I can't count the times I went back and forth to Lowe's for fittings. By the way Lowe's Fittings aren't as good in my opinion, the sockets are noticeably more shallow. Try to stick with one store for parts. If something like this would have been available to buy I would have bought it. It was very time consuming. You will need pvc cleaner, primer, glue, paint made for plastic, peel and stick tube insulation