Downspout Generator

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Hi this is my first instructable!

This is a downspout generator to convert all that energy being wasted.

this should generate about 1 watt in a continuous rain

also I am entering this in prepare for the apocalypse so vote!!

Step 1: Shopping Spree!

Parts list

  1. hydro generator-----------------------------------------------link to the generator I used
  2. the rest of these parts can be bought at a hardware store

  3. 1in to 2in reducer bushing
  4. 4in to 2 1/2 in reducer
  5. 12 foot long 3 in diameter sch 40 PVC pipe
  6. downspout to PVC pipe changer

Tools list

  1. purple primer
  2. saw (to cut you downspout
  3. pvc cement
  4. gloves (safety first!)
  5. vapor protection mask

Step 2: Purple Primer!

purple primer helps the joints (the parts of the PVC pipe touching each other) set correctly

wear your gloves while you do the next two steps

prime these places with your purple primer

  • the outside of the bushing
  • the whole inside of the reducer
  • and one of the outside ends of the pipe

Step 3: Cement It!

Get your PVC cement and start cementing the places we primed!

be careful PVC cement dries super fast so get them together fast

  • cement the bushing to the reducer
  • and the reducer to the pipe

Step 4: Add That Downspout to Pvc Thing!

now just put it on the end that's not cemented and screw the hydro generator to the other end!

Step 5: Put It on Your Downspout!

cut your downspout so you can fit the whole thing on it

Step 6: Voltage Tested

I tested it indoors (it wasn't raining) and with water six to seven feet up the PVC pipe I got 4 volts

more water in the pipe = more electricity



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    3 years ago

    been thinking about something like this for a while now didn't know where to start, Thanks


    3 years ago

    if you reduced the size of the pipe you could get more electricity and essentially give truth to the water/pipe size explanation of ohms law :D


    3 years ago

    Sounds interesting


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great project :)

    Putting a 35 - 50 gallon rain barrel on a stand about 6' - 8' above the ground once filled will allow a constant pressure for a given duration to spin your turbine.

    With that you can get a constant voltage from your turbine for that given duration even if the rain storm has light rain periods mixed with heavy rain.

    Plus you can use that water power when you need it, if it is not at the time of the storm.

    Using a booster like this one you can get a constant usable voltage from a voltage as low as 0.9V.

    *Address to booster if above link doesn't work:


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! Can you add close up picture of the hydro generator connected at the bottom? Also, how much energy do you you get? I am assuming that this is best during a heavy rain ... how do you protect the battery you are charging and the like?

    1 reply

    At six feet of water in the PVC pipe I generated a max of 4 volts

    you will probably need a voltage regulator but i have only tested it with a led connected directly to the motor


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! I'd love to see more pictures if you have them and maybe some more information about how you went about making these!

    1 reply