Drag Racing Bike (fast)




Introduction: Drag Racing Bike (fast)

this is my drag racing bike. It is made by an old sting-ray I found.(bought for 15$ for parts) and a old 10 speed my family member gave me. How I came to building this well its a funny story. I was just wondering around looking for something to do. I had that old 10 speed on the rack and the sting ray in parts on the shelf and I was like PUT THOSE TOGETHER!! and then it was born. please rate-comment-subscribe if you have any questions e-mail me at suzukidirtrider@hotmail.com

Step 1: Starting Out

take the forks of of the ten speed. this includes taking of the handle bars. When you have the handles off take the shifters off and set them aside. We'll need them later. Next once you have the handle bars off take off the forks. take off the big bolt with a plumber wrench or any other big wrench. once your down to the bolt you take off with your hand make sure you take the little safety spacer off because like the smart one I am I wasted an hour trying to get it off then found that stupid thing had to come off first. take the forks off and save the bearings we'll also need those later. set that aside now lets move to #2

Step 2: Getting the Forks From the Sting-ray

sorry but there's a Internet picture I had this done before I started this. But to take the forks off its a matter of taking off the bolts for the neck piece. Don't loose the handle bars because we'll need them for this. once you get them off lets go back to the 10 speed

Step 3: Putting It Together

putting it together is the easy step first take the old bearing from the 10 speed an put them on the neck of the sting-ray. then put the neck on the 10 speed frame. once you have that put the bolt back on the neck put the handle bars back on. then take the shifters I put them about 6 inches away from the seat post. then make sure its all tight and have fun riding you new drag bike!

Step 4: Extra Things I Did

here is what I made it in to. instead of a car battery I used two drill battery's. It. It works all the same and its about 30 pounds lighter with out the car battery. I added a high and low beam switch for the head light so its the light switch and below that the high and low beam. the other pictures of the head light on one I had the flash on (camera) the other was off



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    Looks like a bike that was found in the dumpster that goes 5 mph

    re: bicycle drag racing. Look up Pursuit racing (usually on fixed wheel/track bikes) and Criterium racing (usually done on very stiff multi speed road bikes with high bottom brackets or on track bikes). It's usually on a winding course or loop, but is basically an all out sprint race.

    What! you gave a 10 speed a front frame makeover, and it went that fast?! You sir, I have a hard time believing.

    no its is a regular pedal bike im working on putting a motor on it but i dont have the money right now. ~Andrew

    ill go with a weedter motor friction drive go to u tube ad type this in MY HOMEMADE WEEDEATER BIKE EXPLAINED-DIY

    some of the 1960-70s kids muscle bikes were called dragsters. I dont think they would have been very good at a standing start. As were quite short and had a wide saddle. so would wheely and not be good to peddle quickly.
    I can see that this bike has low handlebars. so would have more of your weight over the front end. so might be a bit more stable.
    still a bit short for actual drag racing tho

    Bicycle Drag Racing!!! This is an idea I've been trying to promote for the last couple of years! I've even gotten hold of Mike Dunn, former Funny Car & Top Fuel driver, now a color commentator for ESPN's coverage of NHRA drag racing. Being a big drag racing fan and a cyclist myself, this just naturally follows, for me. An of y'all want to toss this idea around some, give me a shout at dlhughes001@juno.com. I'm in Austin, Texas USA

    Ok, this is pretty damn cool. The shifters are awesome. I've thought of the idea of drag racing with bicycles before, but couldn't find anyone that wanted to. I hadn't actually thought of building a bike for drag racing. Great job. The big box on the back however, makes this a lot less suitable for drag racing!

    2 replies

    I found someone that wanted to- I was riding back to my house with a friend after we'd just watched The Fast and The Furious (yes, I know). We stopped at traffic lights and just... looked at each other, waited for the lights, took off. It was great :) I love the bike, just wish there was a source of ten-speeds around here. The only people that seem to have them are enthusiasts who lovingly look after them and never sell them, much less junk them. There's a surfeit of crappy mass-produced mountain bikes and no roadies :(

    lol i put that big box on to hold a car battery for the light but i choped it down to hold 2 drill batterys thanks fo the comment