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to make this robot you will need:

Step 1:

first you will take part V and connect it to part O with 2 parts of A and B (see intro for part guide) and put a part R and part L on the end of the motor.

Step 2:

next take part Q and slide it through part W with a part C on the shorter end and part N on the other first then part U.

Step 3:

put the wheel and axle from step 2 through the middle hole of part O with part U then S on it.

Step 4:

now put one end of part K on the left over axle with part T and L between K and O

Step 5:

then put part F on top with 1 parts A and B

Step 6:

now you connect the battery pack with 1 AB to part F

Step 7:

next connect part I with part O and part E and put part P in part K with part D on the other end

Step 8:

now connect part G to the battery pack with 2 AB(one A and one B)

Step 9:

now put part Q through part G and have 2 J on both ends with part L the same way.
connect part M to the 2 parts J.
connect part H to part M
and you are done just take a marker wrap it with a rubber band and stick though the hole made with parts M and H.

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