Dremmel Bit Holder(or Drill Bits,adapters, Etc Etc)





Introduction: Dremmel Bit Holder(or Drill Bits,adapters, Etc Etc)

This may not be a great instructable, but in my own personal experience i tend to get inspiration from simple projects i come across like this one. Maybe you never thought to do this,or maybe you get a better idea how to do it. So this is why i am submitting it.
I have three different dremmel sets and im constantly losing bits because i forget which box it came out of, plus the cases are big and i wanted to consolidate a little. So this was my idea to fix that without spending any money whatsoever.(I also made one for all my adapters for guitar cords,headphones etc. see picture.)
I have quite a few more holes to drill,but for the instructable i left it at 23 or 24 holes.

Step 1: Supplies

tools needed
4 wood screws(1 1/4")
4 hex nuts
scrap plywood or(i used the scrap end of a bannister rail for one)
tape measure
drill/screw gun

Step 2: Cut Your Wood

its pretty obvious what you need to do,but ill explain any how.
measure the size you want the face to be, trace or measure to make a second identical piece. drill holes through the face using the same size bit as whatever you plan to have it hold. I suggest using a size smaller and tilt the drill around 2 or 3 times to open it up a little. this will make the pieces fit snug so they dont fall out.

Step 3: Drill Holes

lay the two pieces on top of each other and drill a hole in each corner a little smaller than the screws you will use to hold it together.

Step 4: Put It Together

place a nut or whatever you are using as a spacer in one corner and put your first screw in. continue the remaining corners the same way. and thats it your done.

Step 5:

you can add a hook at the end,or in my case i used part of a keychain. you could stain it,paint it,airbrush it etc. anything would be more creative than my sanding job :)
Hope someone gets inspired by it or creates one themselves.



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    This is a great idea. I have lots of bits for my flex shaft and need a better way to keep them separated. I use different polishing grits, and use them on different metals, and I do not want to mix them.

    This uses a lot of wood, for a very simple idea. In fact, this could be constructed more easily and cost efficiently if it were made of cardboard, and I don't think the performance would be reduced. Good idea either way.

    2 replies

    cardboard would work,but i use my bits alot and carrying it outside all the time would destroy it quickly. plus cardboard would have a boring thing to construct imho

    The use of this outside is a great argument for using wood, I hadn't thought of that. Varnishing it would work. Wood is the obvious choice of material for this project. Usually for me, that means that challenging myself to use a different material would be less boring, but each to their own I guess. Nice job. I like the hanging mechanism you used for this project.

    I really like the idea. I have some things that popped into my head that might improve on the concept. If you have a work bench where you usually keep this stuff, you could take a thicker piece of wood block and drill diagonal holes (might need to buy the adapter to drill thos) in set intervals - quarter inch apart or so - and then in two or three rows about an inch apart. You could then put labels on each hole so you can see the exact size or type of bit that is in the hole (and so you could replace it with a new one and know where it should go). I dunno, something like that.

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    That will be my next step after i build the workshed. As of now i have to lug my tools outside everytime i do something, real pain in the arse!! Im planning a storage rack on pulleys for a closet to further my consolidation of tools and space until the shed is built. but its still in the planning stage. Thanx for the comment

    Thats a cool idea too. Adding a pulley system to just about anything makes it better.