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 this is my first instructable and i made it after i made the blade so plz bare with me.

Anyway this is the blade that i have created from the metal scrap i found from the bottom of my old dresser. although the blade did not come out the way i had planned it is strong, sharp and still cool looking.

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Step 1: Get Your Scrap.

 first you begin with the base of the drawer. as you can see i bent the bottom part up but if you dont want the hassle you can remove it easily.

Step 2: Fold the Steel

 after heating it up in your custom forge (not required though reccomended) you pound the sides flat until you have a flat peice of metal about 4 inches wide. then you turn it over on its side and fold it over. (some may find this similar to that of japanese steel folding, though not as neat.)

Step 3: Sharpen

 while it is athentic in trying to sharpen the blade by hand with a file or whetstone( and i usally prefer that) if you are short on time or patience use a hand grinder at a 45 degree angle. both sides would be preferable.

Step 4: Fine Sharpen and Sheath.

 after the rough sharpen just fine tune the edge a bit and put the blade into a safe dry area for awhile. after the blade is heat forged it tends to have rust on it. however if you quickly make a sheath for it and clean it reguraly the blade will be fine. (these are before but u can also ingrave them fairly easily one they turn the brownish burnt color. this is Daeomonklosa or demon claw)                                          If after reading this instructable u have made a version of ur own, plz send me a pic or link so I can check it out

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    7 years ago on Step 2

    Make sure the blade is heated well and forged with greats force. I screwed up on asura and the blade split in half :(