Drill Bit Storage Easiest and Simplest




Introduction: Drill Bit Storage Easiest and Simplest

inspired by my friend Ishtiaq Zaman Sakib

Step 1: Materials

1. a sewing machine
2. two buttons
3. old jeans
4. scissors
5. masking tape

6. permanent marker
7. little bit sewing skill ....

Step 2: Sew the Jeans

sew the old jeans as u like sory i couldnt show it , and u have to do it as u like. make some compartments for drill bits. sory i cant sew that much well so mine is not precise. do it as u like and as many compartments u need. u can consult with some 1 who knows how to sew well. and keep some space so u can fold the whole thing

Step 3: Keep Some Space for Folding

keep some space for folding and sew those parts seal. so that between the rows and columns there are spaces to fold it

Step 4: Label the Compartments

i labeled the compartment with masking tape and a permanent marker . i used two row 1 for wood drill bit and other is for HSS drill bit. i did not put them according to size but you can do it , thats better.

Step 5: Now Put Drill Bits According to Labeling

as u can see i put drill bits according to the labeling i made earlier . in this one i labeled 26 compartment and each compartment can hold at least 2-3 drill bits. u can keep more if ur compartments are more in width .

Step 6: Now Attach Two Buttons

now attach two buttons to the opposite side and attach two straps of jeans at the margin according ur need . sry again my sewing quality is bad. now you can attach the straps to the buttons after u fold it. the fun part is gere cozz u can fold it with all the drill bits

Step 7: Size After Folding

as you can see it these pics after folding and closing buttons the dimension is 4.7' x 6'. you can even carry it in your pocket .

Step 8: Finishing

its looks like this. hope it helps thanks.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I made myself a tool wrap out of a scrap piece of canvas a while back for some odds and ends paddle drill bits I have here. I keep it in a metal drill box. I just stitched it together by hand. I don't have a sewing machine. I thought about getting one after making that wrap though.


    5 years ago



    Tool Rolls are a terrific way to protect and transport precision items, there are times when a soft pack like this is better than a hard case, especially if some scrap Denim or canvas is available.


    5 years ago

    Good idea to re-use some old jeans. Denim is surprisingly tough material for this sort of project