Drug Bottle Planter

About: curious french guy.....

I sometimes salvage tiny bottles from work to make small planters....

they make very convenient containers for fragile surfaces around the house such as bedroom, desk or kitchen, because the glass bottom is clean and easy to clean, also it fits every little space on shelves or cupboards.

I often give some as a present, they are sustainable (depending on the plant specie you set in) and last for years.

the only rules you have to respect are the draining layers and the choice of the plant.....

My favorite plants for this kind of project are Sempervivum tectorum   but many succulents will fit...try, think, and experiment...

then care about the draining material....small stones, clay balls, the a layer of sand, some people add a layer of charcoal, and finally add the planting soil or the original soil you found the plant in.

go check this instructable that tells more about that step.

do not water too much, as the behave like tiny greenhouses..... (I use a tiny 5cc syringe to water them twice a year or so...)

once you feel confident, try with different plants, and give some to people you like, and watch their reactions......

everybody like them!!!!



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