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Introduction: Dual Digital Frame/wall Mount Pc

We have thousands of digital pics stored on my server and we would like to enjoy them daily.  I decided to make a dual screen digital frame.  It can also be used to share videos, play internet radio...etc. 

I removed all the unnecessary pieces from a beat up used laptop & also stripped out the screen from an old monitor.

I'm a laptop/computer repair tech so I have lots of parts laying around, you may be able to find everything at your local computer repair shop if you ask nicely.

Step 1: Cut the Holes

Cut appropriate screen size openings in 1/2" plywood.  I then routed out a 1/4 " for the screens to set into.

Step 2: Hinge

Some moulding finishes off the sides & a long hinge on the bottom allows me to open the frame when it's mounted.

Step 3: Hardware

Stand offs used for mounting a motherboard in a desktop pc & the two screens are in place.  Now I can secure the motherboard and other hardware.  A vga cable connects to the other screen as a secondary monitor for the laptop.  I used a 2.5" hard drive enclosure to hide the extra cables in. The power bricks, screens & hard drive are held in place using desktop rear PCI expansion slot cover plates which I shaped and cut to fit.  There are two magnets from inside an old hard drive which holds it in the closed position.

Step 4: Final Step

Mounted on the wall with a pair of usb powered speakers pointing up through the top opening.  It's set to start Windows without any user input required and Google screen saver starts pulling images from my server for 2 different pics every 10 seconds.  There's also a wireless mouse nearby for making changes or looking up info on the internet, playing music...etc.  I also have it set up to power off the screens between midnight and 7am.  I use speedfan to email me alerts if the cpu gets too hot, no problems so far (it's been on nonstop for several weeks)

I still need to feed power up through the wall so I don't have those unsightly power cords hanging down.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome project! I bet it'll be even cooler once those power cords are hidden. Thanks for sharing!