Duck Tape Whip

this is a whip i made out of house hold items. feel free to be creative with your materials

Step 1: Materials

1. plastic water bottle
2. scissors
3. duck tape any color 
4. trimming or rope i used left over trimming but really anything that unravels to smaller strands works. you can also use strips of leather or i once used fussed together plastic bags cut into strips. 

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the water bottles mouth piece off with the scissors.
Then cut straight down to the bottom and end with cutting the circular bottom off. 

Step 3: Adding the Rope/ Trimming

Get your desired size of rope and add 2-3 inches for a knot, and tie a knot at the end. (you may douple up the trimming for more strands)
place the knot inside the top of the bottle. 

Step 4:

Take your bottle and roll it into it's self like you are rolling a note for a message in a bottle. Make it your desired thickness and using a piece of duck tape, tape the bottle when it is even on both sides.

Step 5: Wrapping

now wrap the duck tape around your bottle using the different colors you can make a funky design you like. or you can do like i did and just use one color. make sure to wrap in an angle so you can used the same piece from the top to the bottom. 

Step 6: Finishing Touches

I added some glittered embroidered fabric to wrap it around to match my outfit but you can leave it just plain. 

there you have it a great whip for a costume or just for fun :)  enjoy

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    Very well explained. Your pictures could use work(no offense just a tip for your next 'ible)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Dude its a cat tail a bull whip lived up to its name it scared bulls away look it up

    mary candy

    8 years ago on Introduction

    show us , how to use it!
    If you submited it, I will submit what a wanted for the inen tube reuse . ;)