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Introduction: Ducktape Wallet

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make simple but useful ducktape wallets. I have been making these every  sense I was a little kid. I still make them today, but mainly for friends and for gifts. Over timeI have learned to add change pockets, more paper money slots, and places to store credit cards and drivers license. Today though I will show you a simple two card pocket ducttape wallet. 

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

To make a ducttape wallet you well need a small list of tools and material. These Items are a a roll of your choice of brand and color ducttape, a tape measure or paper dollar, and scissors. When it comes to buying ducttape I normally go with the normal gray, although I have made many colorful wallets in the past. What really matters when buying the tape thought is the quality and thickness. When buying ducttape don't buy cheap thin tape because it will only cause you trouble when you try to ripe it. Always go with a tape that has a tight weave and is a fairly thick (In ducttape terms of course).

Step 2: Starting Point

When making a wallet you have to start by making the two sides that make up the money holding part of the wallet. To do this you can either make guess measurements by looking at the size of the dollar or by making a three by eight inch rectangle( these measurements are based on the usd). When doing this you start by making two eight inch strips and overlapping them to make the three inch in height needed. To keep your money from sticking to the ducttape you place two more strips of tape sticky side to sticky side to make a workable material. A hint to this is to not worry about the exact link and to go a little longer so that you can go back later and trim up the edges.  From here you must make another three by eight inch rectangle to end with a total of two rectangles.

Step 3: Bottom and Side

When some people make ducttape wallets they make one big rectangle the fold it to make the sides and bottoms all in one. In my opinion I make two different sides and join them because it keeps the bottom from getting bulky.  When you get to this step you start by ripping two ten to eleven inch strip of tape. From here take your two rectangles and place them side to side to tape them together. To do this tape the two rectangle front and back to create a seam.  From here fold the wallet to make a pocket. At this point you take the two side. To do this ripe about two five inch strips. Take the strips and place them at the corner of the wallet with half of the strip hanging off the side. Following press down on the wallet to force the two side as close as you can before folding the tape over onto the other side. Lastly you cut the remaining tape off from the bottom of the wallet. Before moving on you may want to take you scissor handles or something heavy and create a crease where the wallet will fold in half in future use.

Step 4: Card Pockets

Finally the last step before you're done is to add the two card pockets. This step takes a lot of guessing on measurements so I will do an overview. To create a card pocket you must take two strips of tape that are large enough to cover your card but small enough to fit in the wallet. Like before you must double layer the tape sticky side to sticky side to keep from sticking to your card. To do this take your card and measure a strip of tape large enough to cover your card in width. Normally when I do this I take a normal strip of tape and add scrap tape till it fits what I need. Once you have this you can place it on the inside of the wallet. Depending on if you card pocket is loaded from the side or from the top you have to go back and tape the opposite end of the pocket shut. Like before you may want to over measure so that you can trim it up later. Because this is your wallet you can add as many pockets as you want. I have personally stacked three pockets on top of each other and had a flip out pocket in front of a coin pouch. I have even made a wallet before that was made up of  two wallets in one that folded together into a small little square.

Step 5: Finished!!!

Congrats you have just created a ducttape wallet. You may be one of the viewers that needs a new wallet fast and you never make another ducttape wallet again. On the other hand you may be like me and my family that makes them all the time. My favorite wallet I ever made ( take to mind it's not my best ) is my guitar wallet. It  is completly based around guitars and has a guitar head as a coin pouch and a guitar neck as a card pocket. It also has a guitar on the front of it. I have uploaded a few pictures of wallets that me and my family have made in the past. Thanks for veiwing and have fun making wallets in the future. God bless.

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3 Discussions


8 years ago on Step 5

This is soo cool! You should try making an wallet thats newspaper styled. :)


9 years ago on Introduction

thanks.your instructions were very helpfull.i think your guitar wallet is pretty cool.i made a wallet using leopard skin duct turned out better than i expected.


9 years ago on Introduction

try ripping the tape instead of using scissors. It will give the finished product a way better look.