Duct Tape Cowboy Hat




Introduction: Duct Tape Cowboy Hat

Ever wanted a duct tape cowboy hat? Heres how.
This is the second cowboy hat I've made out of duct tape

Step 1: Materials

what I used:

Step 2: The Brim

I made the brim of the hat by layering strips of duct tape. I made my brim 4 layers thick, but you could go thicker, dependant on how stiff you want the brim. It might be a good idea to measure your head to get an idea of how big to make this first sheet. I think I made mine 16 by 13 inches, this gave me enough room for a three inch brim, and a head hole about 6 by 8 inches.   

Step 3: The Brim Pt. 2

After you've made the sheet it's time to cut out the brim and top of the hat.

Step 4: Sides of the Hat

I made the sides of the hat by layering (2 layers) into a rectangle (the rectangle I made is about 5 by 28 inches) and then wrapping it around into a tube. I made the inside red.

Step 5: Top of the Hat

time to get the piece of the original sheet that came out of the head-hole. once again I made the inside red. 

Step 6: Assembly of the Sides and Top

to connect the top of the hat to the sides of the hat I used lots of little pieces of duct tape. one the top is attached to the sides you should have something bowl shaped.

Step 7: Adjustments and Dimples

To make the dimples I cut a hole in the hat pulled the corners together and taped it, hopefully the pictures will make more sense. The dimples are optional, and I don't think that they turned out particularly well on my hat.

This is also the time to adjust the shape of the hat, once again this process is kind of hard to explain, but it should suffice to say that some trimming and re-taping is necessary. Feel free to ask questions in the comments. 

Step 8: Attaching the Brim

I attached the brim in much the same way that I attached the top of the hat to the sides.

Step 9: Red Band

I made a red band that goes around the hat.

Step 10: Finished!

connect the band and you're done!

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    This is so silly and amazing, thank you so much for sharing your project. This is the first duct tape cowboy hat i have ever seen!