Duct Tape Disk Holders

This is an easy instructable that is in inexpensive and portable.CDs and DVDs can take up so much space ,but their is a cheap and discreet way to carry them with duct tape. Please vote for this in the on a budget and tight spaces contest

Step 1: Surface

find a flat surface that you do not mind messing up

Step 2: Application

apply a piece of duct tape to the surface about 5.5 inches long.

Step 3: Repeat

repeat this until the row goes down about 5.5 inches be sure they overlap

Step 4: Holder

lay out a 5.5 inch piece of tape then put the sticky side of a 5 inch piece of tape on the 5.5 inches stick side .repeat 4 of these then apply all stikyness left on the sides of the surface tape and tape the back up



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