Duct Tape Hat

Introduction: Duct Tape Hat

In this instructable I will show you how to make a duct tape hat. Mine didn't look
so pretty but I hope yours turns out better. Just to tell you it's rain proof as long
as you cover the card board insert so that it dosen't go all soggy.

The stuff you will need will be shown on the next page. I could have got them all for free but
the duct tape set me back about 5 euros, but I didn't use the whole roll so I still have some
for further projects.

Step 1: Things You Need

The things you need for this instructable are pretty inexpensive and are quite commonly found in the average persons toolbox (exept for the hat which would be pretty weird to find in a toolbox.)

1. Cardboard. 
2. Scissors.
3. Duct tape (of course).
4. A hat.

Now you can start building (yeah!).

Step 2: Start Building

To start get  strips of duct tape long enough to cover the hat . Put them on, sticky side up, following the contours ,starting from  the top center of the hat .This is hard and takes some time to do because the duct tape keeps sticking to your fingers. If you make the strips long enough they  will cover both sides with one piece and make sure to ovelap
them  slightly so they form one solid piece.

Step 3: Starting to Look a Little Like a Hat

Now add a strip around the bottom, with the sticky side down. It should go all the way around
the bottom to hold all the other strips in place. It should also have a bit sticking out on the bottom that you fold over to make a clean seam covering the ends of the cross pieces.   

Step 4: Covering Up

Now cut some more pieces of duct tape and use them to cover the sticky side up pieces that you put on in the first step. There should be no sticky bits left or all the dirt will stick to it and make it look ugly.  

Step 5: The Rim

Cut out a cardboard circle, it should be big enough to fit on you're head and you should also make the thickness vary according to the style of the hat, as shown in the picture.
It doesn't matter if there is something written on the cardboard beacause it will be covered.

Step 6: Attaching the Rim

Take the main hat body off of the template hat and attach the rim with short pieces of
duct tape. These should cover the top and bottom sides of the rim. Make sure that the
rim is securely in place and that no pieces of cardboard are showing. 

Step 7: Try on Your New Hat!

And your done hope you enjoy your new hat and happy Christmas to everyone.

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