Duct Tape Hat Part Two - the Baseball Classic

Introduction: Duct Tape Hat Part Two - the Baseball Classic

The baseball cap is probably one of the most well known hats around. Originating in the early 1860's they have become some of the most common hats in the world. Whenever I see another duct tape hat instructable it is usually for a baseball cap (that is filled with cardboard). This cap is made of only duct tape and can be made easily to however the maker wants.

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Step 1: Step 1 - the Materials

The things you need are :

The basic hat (if you haven't made this check my first instructable [duct tape hat{only duct tape}] for instructions)

Duct tape 

Optional: You may also need a ruler if you want exact measurements, but I tend to just estimate.

Step 2: Step 2 - the Felt

The first step for our baseball cap is to create a piece of duct tape 14 inches or longer and 6 to 10 inches wide. Depending on how large your hat and/or head is will determine how large your felt should be. In my hats I always try to make them them about as long as the hat and as wide as the hat, but you can make yours however you like.

Step 3: Step 3 - the Brim

Now that our felt is finished we move onto the actual brim. now fold the felt in half. Then duct tape the sides unto you come to there is about an inch untouched. The brim is now complete!!! 8D

Step 4: Final Step - Put It All Together

Now it gets slightly confusing. The best thing to do for this part is look at the photos to find out where to tape. However after finishing this your hat is now complete.

If you liked this instructable please comment below and gives me tips on how I can improve. constructive criticism only please! Also if you want me to make a certain type of hat please comment or send me a message telling me what I should do. Thank you for reading!

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