Duct Tape Infinity Gauntlet




This is a 100% duct tape reproduction of the Infinity gauntlet, a fictional creation from the world of Marvel comics. The actual infinity gauntlet was made of metal, but given that I didn't have access to the proper tools, I decided to make it out of Duct tape, something I believe can solve every problem in the universe. the fingers are made of interlocking rings of duct tape (4 per finger) that have been duct taped to each other. As for the main part of the hand, that was made by covering my hand in duct tape (sticky side up) to form a kind of fingerless glove and put duct tape on the top to cover the adhesive, then you attaching the fingers. finally, the lower section was made of a sheet of duct tape I measured against my arm and attached to the glove. Then it was just a matter of glueing/taping on the infinity gems.
(Another reason I made this now is because it might star in an upcoming marvel movie, if we're lucky).



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    5 years ago

    Tell me more about the movie