Duct Tape Messenger Bag

Introduction: Duct Tape Messenger Bag

this instructable will show you step by step how to make a messenger bag out of "duct tape"

Step 1: Materials Needed

you dont have to follow my mesurements exactly but it is a food size i will fit 4 laptops in it and it works really well i would say that this cost less than 10 bucks even 5 dollors 

duct tape  $1.00
eletrical tape $1.00}
metalic tape $2.00} not needed buti used it
cloth type plastic thingy $5.00}
spare strap(i used a gutiar hero strap) FREE
and velcro $?


Step 2: Step #1 the Base

first you have to take your fabric(you dont need to use the fabric but i did because it helped me with the disign)
cut 18"x12" feet of fabric

if you want to make 2 pockets inside make 3 if not make 2

then cut off 2 12"X4" pieces 

then cut of 1 18"x4" piece of fabric

Step 3: Step #2 Marking & Taping

NOTE: this is if you are making two pockets in the middle

now take your 3 strips and mark them down the middle like in the picture

then take one of the 18"x12" pieces and cover it in tape then tape it on the lines like shown

then tape the corers like shown

Step 4: Step Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i accidently added this so just ignore this part and stop reading right now and move on the the next step and finish this instructable and im am also entering this in the duct tape tough contest i am really exited this is my.... wait you read this long wow im going to stop typing now so you can finish this instructable and have your own custom messenger bag of your own bye

Step 5: Step #4 the Back and Front

now take your remaining pieces but dont throw away your fabric we will need it later

and tape them like shown on both sides(note if you are not using metalic tape skip this step)

now use metalic tape and cover up all showing fabric 

Step 6: Step #5 Metalic

(note if you are not using metalic tape skip this step)

now use metalic tape and cover up all showing fabric like shown 

Step 7: Step #6 the Flap

now cut a piece of fabric that is 18"x16"

first tape up one side unless you are not using metalic and eletrical tape then just cover the whole thing with duct tape

if you are useing metalic and eletrical tape the front up diagnaly mostly metalic then trhe rest eletrical then border the front

now tape on the back of the bag

now put velcro on the inside of the flap and then put the other piece on the bag part as shown

Step 8: The Final Step: the Strap

now i just taped the strap on but is you find a way let me know

Step 9: The Final Product

well here it is the picture everything but my face LOL

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