Duct Tape Wallet

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this is my first instructable it is super bowl sunday I have used this website for years and decided to make one for myself it is really hard ,well here it goes

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Step 1: Supplies

all you need is duct tape and your brain

Step 2: Beginning

tear about 7 inch strips of duct tape

Step 3: Making Things Work

lay the duct tape on top of. the other piece

Step 4: Craftmanship

lay the pieces over each other 

Step 5: Continuing

repeat the side technique

Step 6: Almost Done

take 1 long piece and 2 short pieces and stick one piece and fold it over and repeat

Step 7: One Last Step

fold the wallet in half and you are done

Step 8: All Finished

you have successfully made a duct tape wallet ,comment please thank you

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    nail face

    8 years ago on Introduction

    cool instructable. i have found it easier when making the sheet of tape, to overlap the pieces, instead of laying them directly over eachother.

    1 reply