Duct Tape Wallet With Picture




this is a long lasting duct taoe wallet what has a picture slot and credit card holder

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Step 1: Materials

duct tape, sizzers, plastic inserts 

Step 2: Cut

cut two pieces of duct tape 10 inches long

Step 3: The Base

put one piece of duct tape over half of the other one face down.

Step 4: Keep Going

keep doing step three flipping it over after the step until you get it seven inches tall

Step 5: Trim

fold down both sides then trim it until you have a nine by seven piece of tape

Step 6: Fold

fold the tape down and tape the sides so its statys like that

Step 7: Credit Card Holders

repeat step three and four but this time make a nine by five inch rectangle

Step 8: Rectangles

cut the tape into four rectangles take three put one half way above the other tape the back together and tape it to the wallet

Step 9: Pictre Holder

take the plastic insert go to the bottom and cut off a rectangle the taple to wallet

Step 10: Your Done

now you can decorate it

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