Duo Swing

Introduction: Duo Swing

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Don't know what to do on a lazy day with 2?

Well I found the solution... Swing away with the 2 of you, you'll never get bored again

Create your own duo swing, it's not that hard and not at all complex.

Go and start : create your own swing

Step 1: Materials

- 12 spring locking clips (2mm)

- 2 special iron arch

- 2 x10m cord

- thin wire

- 3 aluminium tube (diameter 2,8cm – lenght 57cm - thickness 2mm)

- 2 aluminium tubes (diameter 5cm – lenght 113 cm - thickness 2mm)

- 2x strong cloth(66cmx113) and piece of cloth ( 17x17)

- drill

- bore 2,5mm and 8mm

- Pyramid bore 30 mm or bore 30mm

- Sewing machine + chalk

- needle and thread + head pins

- scissors

- rule

- compass

Step 2: Frame

- Grab the 2 tubes with diameter 50 mm

- drill a hole with diameter 10 mm all the way through, along 30 mm from each side

- drill also a hole with diameter 10 mm all the way through, in the center of the tube (565 mm)

- grab the 3 tubes with diameter 28 mm

- drill a hole with diameter 2.5 mm all the way through, along 5 mm from each side

- slide the small tubes through the holes of the large tubes

- take 6 spring locking clips and lock the ends of the tube

- now drill as close you can to the edge of the tube (each side)

- and plug the other spring locking clips in the holes

holes for to hold on spring locking clips

- grab the 3 tubes with diameter 28 mm

- drill a small hole in the beginning of the tube (one side)

- knot the thin wire(10cm) through the hole and knot the other end to the locking clip

- Grab the 2 tubes with diameter 50 mm

- do the same as the previous one, above the holes

- 1 tube both sides (6 small holes)

- 1 tube one side (3 small holes)

- and get the locking clips fixed

The enclosure is ready

Step 3: Coating

the steps are shown in red on the drawings

- take the to slides strong cloth and put them on each other

- draw the pattern on the cloth and cut it to size (stand in cm)

- sew three sides of the cloth on 1.5cm

- then turn the cloth inside out

- sew the last side to 1.5 cm and cut it off nicely

- give an angled cut in the corner

-draw the inside pattern

- fold the cloth inwards and sew them around

- cut in the middle of the side a gap of 5 cm, and also the other part of the inside cartridge is (be warned: Stay 1,5cm from the side)

- sew the inside patron

- grab the extra piece of cloth

- sew the two sides

Now it is ready

Step 4: Package

- insert the tube (diameter 5cm) into the cloth

- put in each side of the tubes through a rope

- slide the small tubes through the holes of the large tubes and insert the cloth

- and secure them with the locking clips

- knot each special iron arch on a rope

Step 5: Getting Ready

- insert the small tubes in the large tubes ( 1 small tube left)

- roll cloth together

- hang the last tube to a spring locking clip

- roll pieces of rope together

- turn 2x a loop around

- insert the special iron arch through the loop

- tie the coil with the other end of the rope

- watch the movie tie

- roll the scraps of rope on and put them at the bottom

Step 6: Hanging on the Tree

- make everything free

- make the seat

- throw the rope over the branch

- cross the rope 2 times

- Make a loop with the rope

- insert it through the special iron arch

- knot it to the end of the rope

- hang the swing at the same height


Step 7:

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