Dvd Drive Hidden Storage


Introduction: Dvd Drive Hidden Storage

i turned an old computer dvd drive into storage. its a good use of an old drive, and it's a great hiding spot.

Step 1: Open. Cut.

take apart the entire drive. you'll only need the outer metal case, the cd tray, the thing the tray slides in, and the faceplate. dremel off the front of the piece the tray slides in, and cut a big rectangle into the cd tray.

Step 2: Put Together

slide the tray into the holder. get an aluminum tray (the same material as a pie tin) and cut it out and form a basket that will fit in the hole in the tray and is not too deep as to not fit in the metal case. hot glue the faceplate of to the tray.

Step 3: Install

re-attatch the outer metal case. install the drive like you normally would into a computer. to open the tray, stick a paprtclip into the hole to force open the drive, angle the paperclip to the side slightly, and pull it open.



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    Nice hidden storage. I may try this in the future. Also am I the only one who noticed a blue gamecube controller on the desk?

    This is a great idea! Please post more pictures on step one, though, there aren't many details on what i am to be dremeling.

    I wouldn't plug in the IDE or SATA cable. All you need is the power.

     I like all the ideas of this and its a great place for flashdrives. I saw this and right away made one in lil under an hour. Mine has a sandwich bag holding, not as good as your tin holder but it was all i had at 4 in the morning.

    I'm thinking that this was meant as more of a hiding place for "secret stuff" instead of valuable stuff... if you know what i mean...

    neat idea. however, if you are trying to hide something from crooks and LEOs, I'd be willing to bet they might steal/seize the computer too. aside from that, under the right circumstances this could come in real handy

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    Indeed. Storing valuables INSIDE something valuable and often stolen... not that great an idea ;) But kudos for doing it and making an instructable!

    psh, that things a beast. there are much more valuable things that weigh 1/10 as much

    Also you can use your old, beige, heavy ugly compuer for that! that would blow my mind off!

    Nice! As for hiding valubles inside, why not plug this in to a old broken computer and rip it apart. Leave the case open, take out half the components, but leave the power supply. No thief would think of stealing it. As long as the drive has power, you should be able to open it... Or, I guess, you could just insert a pin in that tiny hole ;\...

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    you mean like takig a mid tower, filling its bays with CD drives, then power it with no motherboar or anything else? SWEET

    well, it's still a nice storage space. the metal made me think of it as an ash tray, for which this would also work well.

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    be careful....you dont want to smoke out your processor ;-)