Dynamo Bike

Intro: Dynamo Bike

it is very easy to do it .please try it either in toy or motor cycle

Step 1: Step-1:model of Bike

you can do model of bike as you like.it can be also a toy.

Step 2: Step-2:setting Dynamo or Motor

it needs a big dynamo for real motor cycle.set dynamo in front wheel of your motor cycle and take its wire(+ and -)and join with motor in back wheel of your motor cycle.if there is no dynamo with you try with motor that give return current .

Step 3: Step-3:how It Runs!!!

when we push cycle forward front wheel moves and current is produced by dynamo and goes to motor and motor rotates and back wheel of cycle rotates.it repeats the motion

Step 4: Thank You

please try these and put useful comments and thank you for watching this!!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    thank you mr.seamster i will try to get real photos


    3 years ago

    Hi and welcome!

    We're glad you want to share something with the community, and this project looks very interesting. However, in order to be published this project must only contain original images created by you. Please replace any stock or otherwise borrowed images with your own.

    Once you do that, leave me a message and we will publish your work!


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