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Introduction: E-cig Dual Coil

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in this instructable I'll show you how to wrap and make your own coil and put them on giving you super solid hits every time. I'm using one of my flashlight mods and a 3D build your own coil atomizer. very similar to others in the way you do the coils

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Step 1: Take Out Old Coils

take out the old coils and remember to clean your piece up nice with a qtip as funky stuff sometimes ends up in there

Step 2: Twist Them Coils

I usually use 24 gauge wire, most cigarette and vape stores got it, but if its difficult for you to get you can use guitar strings same thing I believe. you can use as many coil wraps as you want, I believe 6 wraps around is best but to everyone there own!

Step 3: Get Connected

you can tell from the pictures of how I put them on I just wrap the coil around once on each side and one part of each coil have to touch the middle, once you're done with that fire it up just to make sure it works before you add the wick

Step 4: Add Wick and Puff!

get some 100% organic cotton balls and use those as your wick or get some from your local vape shop! enjoiiiii

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3 Discussions


4 years ago

Yeah I agree, good tutorial but don't use a guitar string get actual kanthal, nichrome,etc...and use an ohm reader


5 years ago

do not .. i repeat do not attempt to use a guitar string to wrap a coil . guitar strings are not resistance wire like kanthal or nichrome. doing so will cause a dead short and almost certain battery venting .. always check ohm reading before firing on a mech mod. do your research and be safe so you dont wind up as an anti vaping headline .


5 years ago

I think you will find that guitar string wire has completely different properties. Wire used in e sigs (and toasters, hair dryers etc) is made from kanthal wire, which has an unusually big electrical resistance (about 27 ohms/meter of 0.25 mm round wire). Good instructable, though :-)