Eagle-my Very Own Paper Plane

hi this is my first instructable. i have experimented for a month trying to get a good plane to put on instructables. so well yeah

IMPORTANT-some steps can get confusing, so use the pictures. the pictures match with each step/direction

Step 1: Step 1- the Main Body

fold about 1 inch up the long side. (if you have a lined paper, line up the lines for a better fold)

then fold in half the "hamburger" way


fold the corners to the point where the lines intersect

fold corners up against the middle crease

fold the bottom corner to where the corners from the previous step meet

flip over

fold in half to the outside

Step 2: Step 2- the Wings

you should have this

fold the wing down, keeping the crease parallel to the bottom of the plane. the crease should be where the corner is

repeat on other side

fold up an area where the little triangle at the end is. the crease should be parrallel to the top of the plane

repeat on the other wing

open up the plane. you're almost done

Step 3: Step Three- Last Bit

fold the triangle at the end down, then tuck it under the wing.


you're done yay



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I know. its not that good. gut with a bit of wind it works really well(OK, more than a bit of wind) I'm still experimenting with designs