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Introduction: Ear Wax Snacks

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These ear wax snacks are a super easy and fun Halloween party snack! I've used peanut butter here, but sunflower butter tastes just as good if you've got any allergies to worry about. :D Many commenters have also mentioned subbing in caramel, which sounds perfect too!

As a bonus, they're a great busy task for tiny hands, so kids can get involved with Halloween party prepping!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • smooth peanut butter
  • mini marshmallows
  • lollipop sticks
  • q-tip box for display (optional but neat!)

You should be able to find the lollipop sticks online at the link above or at your local Michael's/Joanns/etc. Most of them come quite long - the ones I had were eight inches long and I cut them into three pieces each using heavy duty kitchen shears.

Another option is to use candy cigarettes - I couldn't find them locally when I did this project, but they would work so well!

Step 2: Make the Snacks

This is really easy! Spoon a few tablespoons of peanut butter into a small bowl and warm it up for 10-20 seconds in the microwave. You don't want it super runny, but just a little easier to spread. :)

Push a mini marshmallow onto each end of the lollipop stick and either dip them in the peanut butter or smooth it on with a butter knife.

Lay them out in a q-tip box if you have one around, or just with a sign calling out what they are so you're sure to gross people out. :D

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These are great! You should somehow make them with edible sticks.


1 year ago

Ugh! :)

Chunky peanut butter and RED jelly and cotton candy hair!

(Someone just tossed their cookies...)

Imagine all of these ideas lined up on one plate! Would you like some earwax and blood, or a little mold and blood? ;D

I would love to freak people out with these! "Hey, come grab an earwax coated Q-tip to eat!"

Go to the dollar tree, they'll probably have candy sticks, and they will work fine.

This looks delicious. I would like to try for my cute baby. Thanks for sharing/

I love this idea for lil ones. I used yogurt or white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. A little safer than sucker sticks. They was a hit with younger kids "No Fear" to say lol! I will use at my Halloween lil1's Halloween party. Thanks much! ~@}~~^~~~

Disgustingly awesome! May have to do this at the school Halloween parties much to the disgust of other mothers. My boys would love it!

Yeah, finding the candy cigarettes anymore can be difficult simply because many "adults" don't want their kids to have them.