Introduction: Earmuffs+headphone=cool!

I recently broke my Sony headphones.I needed a replacement and quick.I had some speakers lying around and earmuffs from my trip to sikkim(I live in India).so I thought...hey!why not?

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Step 1: Materials

1.ear muffs
3.speakers housing(I used2 yoghurt carton lids)at least 3cm high and 9-10cm diameter
4.wire with headphone jack

Step 2: Speaker Housing

measure your "yoghurt lids"
take thermacole of thickness about half the height of ur 'lids'
trace 2 circles on thermacole -one of the open and one of the closed end of your lid
cut and glue the closed end one to the bottom of the lid
make a one cm thick ring out of the other one.
glue on top of the previous one.
repeat for other lid

Step 3: Speakers

take your speakers and wires
shave off a bit of the coating of the wire
my wire was from a broken pair of earphones,so I had a green,a red and a yellow bunch if enameled wire inside
scrape off the enamel about0.25cm away from the ends and coat in flux
if you use earphone wires like me, you'll have one wire branching off into two(where the speakers should be)do the shave scrape flux for both 'branches'
solder the yellow wires to the positive leaf on the speaker and the red to the other
do the same for yellow and green for the other branch

Step 4: Speakers Into Housing

put some glue on the small magnet at the back of each speaker and stick them smack in the centre of each housing

Step 5: Earmuffs+speakers=cool

open up the stitched on the bottom of each lobe of the muffs
shove the speaker assembly in with speakers facing in
stitch right back up(thank God for Gramma)
plug in and enjoy

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