Earring to a Ring.

Introduction: Earring to a Ring.

a fun and easy ring for kids.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

1 paint brushes
2 paint
3 wire cutters
4 an ear ring that has different sizes of loops
5 needle nose pliers

Step 2: Getting Your Size

so take a ring off the ear ring and see if it fits ( i did the second smallest because i have a small finger.) if it is to big like mine is watch and i will tell you how to get it smaller for your finger. but if it is to small you will need to get a bigger one.

Step 3: Cutting

cut the ring with the wire cutters so that it is like a missing part in a circle. then grab the ring with the pliers so the ring will go together well.

Step 4: Fitting and Painting.

see if it fits and if not work on it till it fits. next it is time to paint because i lost some of the paint that was already on the ring. you can use any color paint you want or you don't have to use any at all. as you can see i used black and white paint and used pliers to hold it up but if you want your hands to get messy go ahead and use your hands! yay! messy!

Step 5: Done!

after it is dry you can sit back and admire your work!
please vote and farewell!
See me next time!

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