Easey Made Caltrops





Introduction: Easey Made Caltrops

a caltrops

Step 1: What You Need

You need any pice of round bendley meatl and wire cuters

Step 2: Step Two

Now take your meatl and bend it were in to a box whith one side open then bend one end at angle

Step 3: Step Three

then take your cuters and cut the ends at angle to make them sharp



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    the instructions could be simpler, just take a paperclip, straighten them out, bend one end up at a 90° angle, then the other left or right at 90°s


    5 years ago

    Um. Slpellgn wedrs crrctyl hpls alot too....

    you could just bend a staple into that shape.

    small and undetectable.......................................

    These are not exactly the traditional ninja Tashibishi, because the original spikes could land at every side and there would still be a sharp edge pointing up. Bah, these are great. I think I'll make some!

    I have no idea if this is a caltrop or not. I'm gonna give it a general name. It's a pointy thing you use to make people say ouch. lol, or you just throw 'em in people's faces.

    Dude. This is a staple. I'm not trying to sound harsh, but this is just..... what is this?! Caltrops..... do you even know what they are?! And if you wanna put it in a Ninja group, surely you would know that the ninjas call this weapon the " Makibishi "

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    No. Makibishi is a more complex type of caltrop. I am going to make a instructable with a bunch of types of caltrops including Makibishi.

    Eh well, true. There are a lot of caltrops, such as Tennenbishi and Makibishi. Tetsubishi is the general name. It was my mistake on that part, I wasn't as informed back then as I was today, but still, even back then I was still much more informed than this wannabe ninja that can't spell.

    True. I still made a few of these and they aren't the worst thing you could use. Make them out of 14 or gauge wire.

    these things rock! they are invisble against carpet!!!!!!

    WOW! These could totally imbed in someones sneaker and completely incapacitate them with an annoying clicking sound! Five stars!

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