Easter Eggs- Wedding Couple

Introduction: Easter Eggs- Wedding Couple

easter eggs- wedding couple.

you can easily make them with some paper, glue and colors

here is how to make them.

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Step 1: Dress for Bride

1. draw a sketch of top for the dress.

2. cut it out.

3. cut two frills as shown in picture four.

4. glue the top and the frill onto the egg.

5. cut some paper in shape of flower.

6. glue it on the dress.

Step 2: Make Hands of the Bride

1. fold a small rectangular piece of paper in the cone shape as in picture one. make another cone as you will need two of them.

2. cut another rectangle and draw a hand on it. fold the paper and cut the hands out.

3. glue the hand to the cone shape.

4. glue the cone shape to the egg.

and the hands are done.

Step 3: Drape and Flower Crown for the Bride

1. cut the paper as shown in picture one.

2. roll it from one side.

3. glue it on the egg.

4. cut a strip and some small flowers for crown.

5. glue the flowers on strip.

6. glue the strips on the egg.

Step 4: Dress for the Groom

1. draw a sketch of the dress and cut it out.

2. glue it on the egg.

3. make two roll of paper strips and glue their ends.

4. fold a paper strip and give it a shape as shown in picture five. make two of them and glue them on two paper rolls you made.

5. glue the paper rolls on the egg.

note: your paper rolls should be strong enough to hold the egg.

6. now make two more paper rolls but they should be light this time. cut their one side as shown in picture seven. make two hands you did for the bride. glue the hands to the rolls.

7 glue the rolls to the egg and you are done here.

Step 5: Now Outline the Eggs

outline the features of the eggs.

Step 6: Finally Color Them

now color them. i used acrylics.

i hope you like this instructable. if yes, then kindly vote. :)

thanx for reading.

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