Easy 10 Minute Airgun





Introduction: Easy 10 Minute Airgun

easy and works well for how long it takes

(check new step (# 6) )

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

2 liter bottle
bike pump (with needle)
two 7/8" PVC valves
one 7/8" PVC "T"
one piece of 7/8" PVC 1/2" long
two pieces of 1/2" PVC 1 1/2" long
two pieces of 1/2" PVC 2 1/2" long
one piece of 1/2" PVC at least 2 feet

Step 2: Construction

using pvc cement, put the pieces together as shown in step 1 picture.

make sure to glue all pieces EXEPT the barrel! do NOT glue the barrel to the valve as you will be taking it off to reload

Step 3: Pump

drill a 5 mm hole down 3/4 into the cork

after that, stick the pump needle into the other end all the way

Step 4: Load Projectile

take the barrel out of the valve and put your bullet in the end
(i used a marble wrapped in masking tape)

make sure its a tight fit or it might not work very well

Step 5: Launch

to launch, make sure that the valve on the handle is open and the valve leading to the barrel is closed.

then stick the cork into the bottom of the handle and pump it up.
(i usually pump 5-7 times)

when you're done pumping close the valve in the handle and unplug the cork.

after that just open the barrel valve and your projectile goes flying

Step 6: Expand on the Design

once you get the basic design down, expand on the idea!

this is what i did with mine

now its alot easier to pump



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    64 Discussions

    uhh where would i find a cork??? that size even?

    could you use a half liter bottle

    thats very cool good idea with the cork

    a trigger nozle for a hose works as a great trigger I just made my first air rifle and thats what I used

    hey whats the power of this thing in FPS ??????

    I think these measurments are wrong. its impossible to fit the 1/2 inch into the 7/8* without an expander. Help?

    *i used a 3/4 because 7/8 doesn't exist

    how do you put the bottle on? do you put pvc cement on? i even put the bottle all the way on and it leaks air.

    the video on the intro doesn,t work. can you make it availiable to watch it ?

    should be easy to use because you don't have to plug it in and out repeatedly.

    i was told that there os no such thing as a 7/8" pvc. where did you get it?

    Where is the cork again, and how do i unplug the cork?

    the valves are about 2 bucks each at ace hardware, the T was $1, and all the reg. PVC is 55 cents a foot