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Introduction: Easy LED Flower for Halloween

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It's almost Halloween!
You can make easy LED flower in last minutes for nightmare party :)
The technique of making petals are same as jellyfish.
This time I use chemical satin and chiffon. Also these are very flammable! Please take care about that!

Step 1: Materials and What You Need

chemical satin, polyester chiffon, fisher line (synthetic fiber thread), conductive thread, 3V button battery, battery box (I use Aniomagic one because it has on/off and looks cute), LED(mine is "candle color"!), felt sheet, beads (mine are 5 Czech glass crystal beads), brooch pin

scissors, pliers (mine are needle nose and round nose), needle (regular and beading needle), candle, matches or lighter, three different size circle-make-things, pencil(not in photo)

Step 2: Cut Fabrics Round

Draw and cut 2 circles for each size on satin fabric. And draw and cut a circle each size on chiffon. You'll have 9 circle fabrics.
I'm using wood coaster (it become candle holder later), bracelet, and a flash-light.
Whatever can make circles is ok.

Step 3: Shrink Fabric - Petals

Light a candle, and hold satin and chiffon circles on your hands to shrink by candle's heat.
Please keep a safe distance from a candle always. This fabric is easy to burn out!
Make it slowly.

Design your flower petals. If you need smaller petal, keep heating it little longer and make it more shrink.

Step 4: Fix Petals by LED Legs

Fun and lazy time to fixing petals.
Stick LED to circle fabrics' center, one by one. Start from smallest one.
Both of LED legs must be apart on fabrics (all of fabrics has two holes by LED)
Don't be more lazy! ;D
Stick petals one after another.

Step 5: Bend LED Legs

Put LED legs down by pliers, angles of ninety degrees.
Longer leg is + (positive electrode), shorter is - (negative electrode).
If you think you'll forget which is which, write on petal back + and - by pencil.
(of course I always forget!!)
Then roll up each legs like small rings carefully.
Now petals are fixed by LED legs.
All the time, LED legs must not contact.

Step 6: Sew Battery Box

Sew LED legs and battery box by regular needle and conductive thread.
Cut a felt sheet round. Set battery box down center (later, brooch pin comes on upper place).
Start sewing from LED + (positive electrode) leg.
Sew it 2 or 3 times, then sew battery box + (positive electrode) hole 2 or 3 times through felt sheet.
Tie conductive thread, and cut it short. And sew - (negative electrode) LED leg and battery hole by new thread.
Never contact + and - electrodes!

Step 7: Test It

Test how it works. Put 3V battery and switch on.

Step 8: Finish Back Side and Decorate With Beads

Hem the felt sheet by regular needle and fisher line. Sew brooch pin on felt too.
Turn it to front, then sew beads around LED head like stamens by beading needle and fisher line.

Step 9: Finished! and Arrangement

Finished! You can put it on your bag or arrange it on scrunchie with some ribbons like a bracelet!
Happy Halloween!

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