Easy As $hit Igniters for Model Rockets





Introduction: Easy As $hit Igniters for Model Rockets

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Hate it when you buy those cheap rockets (possibly for my rocket launcher...) , and half the igniters aren't good? well heres the easiest igniter out here!!

the pictures are all off of google cuz my camera broke and it will be a bit before i get a new one.....

Step 1: Watcha Need?

cotton (optional)

launch pad detonator thingy...

wire (optional)

Step 2: Cut Wire

cut about 1 1/2 inches of wire from something else or your launch pad and reconnect the wires by twistin' em back together.

Step 3: Pull the Wire

get the wire and take one/two of the strands, cut it to about 1-1/2 inche(s), and bend it in half so it looks similar to the one in the picture.(if two, twist and bend in half, this increases chances of a second launch.)

Step 4: You're

done! now put the bent end in the rocket and if you don't have any plugs, secure with cotton then wire er up! the wire glows red hot when you hit the launch button, acting exactly like the crappily manufactured ones you just bought.(multipurpose(look down)...)



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    here is an idea to solve the not igniting problem. you can dip the tip of the igniter in blue nail polish and hold it tip down until it dry's that way you will have I better chance of and ignition.

    I agree with the problem of these igniters. They never seem to want to launch the rockets. One solution that really got them working for us was to toss the 9 volt battery and hook up a 3 cell lipo from my RC car. That cured all of our issues.

    so the motor will ignite without flamable substence on the end of the igniter?

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    Read the other comments that follow. I can tell u, useing "road flair" material, or paper match heads, sounds the simplest. You must use a extender for "nichrome". Couple of the others suggest solder, or 30 guage wire. Experiment! Many times b 4 using in a motor.

    Honestly though.... wouldn't it be just about as cost effective... and less time consuming to just buy the darn things? I mean I am all for the DIY aspect... but for something like this I would most likely buy them.

    I don't understand what you mean when you say,"cut about 1 1/2 inches of wire from something else or your launch pad and reconnect the wires by twistin' em back together." I know it's the whole step but could you explain it a little beter?

    The wire used for the pyrotechnic wire is called Nichrome. It has a high resistivity such that when current passes through it it heats up. Tungsten also has a high resistivity but I would think that it would also be more fragile. If you could get it in the engine intact and some heat sensitive pyro chemical then it would do the trick. do be careful. if you connect tungsten filaments up to the wall ac outside of the light bulb it will violently explode.

    or even better, just shove a sparkler in the back of the engine...though it would completly defeat the purpose of this whole instructable

    Safety is always my biggest comcern. This process will work in only a few rocket motors and will insure a high failure rate . There is fine art to these igniters and readers should research the subject properly and be aware of the safety codes of NAR prior to attempting igniting even the smallest impulse motor.

    for the pyro tecknic stuff crush mach heads with a hammer (paper matches work best) collect the dust in a film canister and add a little water mix it all together so you have a red paste. put it on you wire and wait for it to dry

    i got a question. could you just hook some leads 2 steel wool, slap on a switch, and hook it up 2 a (9v)battery???

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    I suppose that would work, but only if you could cram it in that tiny hole, and even if you do, you don't think it would just short on the outside where it will most likely inevitably touch and not even get to the steel wool inside?

    Youre welcome this is the first time anyone thanked me! But I have not been here long.

    If u need pyrotechnic stuff to go on top of the igniter just use black powder or open up an emergency flare and pull out the stuff I am not responsible for anything even though I doubt anything will happen to you!