Easy Cheap Trash Can Out of Old Water Jug

ok, after parents divorsing and mom moving out me and my brother went to reclaim the basement as a video game/exersise room. and we relised the trashcan down there my mom took to her apartment. as the redneck i am i figured id save money and rig one. basicaly take a water jug from a water cooler. cut of the top, sand down top, and put in a bag. easy but i thought it was a good idea and it looks cool down there

Step 1: Building

its very simple the only advise id really give you is dont use clear nags cuz you wont want to look at your garbage and also a tablesaw will cut the top of in like 5 seconds



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    i once made a trash can out of a large round lamp shade and a bucket. but someone threw it away thinking it was trash


    11 years ago on Introduction

    It makes for a nice trash can, but around here there is a $10 deposit on those bottles as they are refilable.

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