Easy + Fast Design Bag for Clothes, Accessoires Etc.



This bag is made fast and easy. Without ribbons it will take 15-20 minutes.

You need:
- scissors
- Sewingmachine
- an old plastic tablecloth
- ribbons (if you like them)
- O-shape model
- pencil

1st Step:
- cut out a circle
- roughly cut out 2 pieces a little large than half the circle (pieces have to overlap later)
- turn down a flap of 3-4cm at the straight edge of the 2 half-circles

2nd Step:
- pin the 2 pieces on the circle - the pieces have to overlap in the middle (3-4cm)

3rd Step:
- sew along the circle
- if you would like to ad a hanger or ribbons, leave a space of 2cm between the seam and the edge of the circle
- cut off the overlapping tablecloth

4th Step:
- you can ad a hanger by pining it between the front and the back cloth
- get crazy and ad ribbons or anything you like like the hanger
- sew along the circle and leave a space of 1-0,5cm between the seam and the edge of the circle




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