Introduction: Easy Gifts: SALT & SUGAR SCRUB!

A couple days ago my cousin gave my mom, a tropical bath scrub. Being my odd self, I read the ingredients to find although there were many unrecognizable words, there were also many common words.
I researched a bit, and I took bits of what I learned and combined them to create a salt and sugar scrub, made with all common household items.

I realized that instead of buying $10-20 scrubs you could make it yourself! I had to spread my excitement and what's better than making an instructable!

Salt & sugar scrub is super easy and perfect for gifts! I hope you enjoy it and make lots of bath scrub to use!

In this instructable my units of measurements are spoonfuls. One spoonful is about one tablespoon, but it really doesn't matter.

Step 1: Ingredients:

-olive oil (almond oil works too)

-baking soda (A&H FTW)

-cane sugar

-turbinado sugar (or brown sugar, both would be lovely)

-sea salt

-vanilla extract (or essential oils)



-plastic bag (clean jar is better, plastic bag is cheaper)

-sticker paper (totally not necessary, use tape and regular paper, 100% cheaper)

Step 2: Add Cane Sugar & Turbino Sugar:

1.) In your bowl add 3 spoonfuls of white cane sugar.

2.) Then add 3 more spoonfuls of turbinado sugar (or brown sugar)

For this scrub sugar is the main ingredient. Sugar is lovely and skin softening.

Step 3: Add Salt & Baking Soda:

1.) Next add a spoonful of salt: Salt has a great texture and is an ingredient in most bath scrubs.

2.) Add a spoonful of baking soda: Baking soda makes your skin amazingly soft. It's great plain even but better in a scrub.

Step 4: Stirring Your Scrub:

1.) Stir your mixture until all lumps are gone and it is smooth and one color.

(This step is actually fun, all the colors mix and it's pretty)

Step 5: Oil & Stirring:

1.) Add a spoonful of oil and stir it in.

2.) Keep adding 1/2 spoonfuls of oil and stirring until your scrub has the consistency of a slushie (slushie=oil is spread out and plentiful, but there isn't a pool of oil)

3.) Add about two drops of vanilla extract. You can replace the extract with cinnamon or any essential oils but I prefer a simple scent.

Step 6: Finishing Touches:

1.) Spoon your scrub into a plastic bag carefully.

2.) Then add a label onto your bag (optional but pretty). Tape and paper works swell.

3.) Finally enjoy your sugar and salt scrub or give it away for someone else to enjoy!!!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable! Please critique it as much as you want!
Feel free to ask any questions, and if I made any mistakes let me know.

Goodnight everyone. -falls asleep-



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    66 Discussions

    wait-how long does this stuff keep before it spoils?

    1 reply

    sugar and salt are anti-bacterial..it won't spoil.

    i found these adorable colored glass jars @ michaels for the scrub, and it is going to be the perfect jar to give to the family members that i'm going to make the scrub for!

    also, i noticed your recipe calls for brown sugar but your picture shows turbinado sugar. these are 2 different things where i'm from, so you might want to clarify. great 'ible though. definitely making this.

    2 replies

    turbinado sugar is raw sugar and brown sugar is cane sugar + molases

    I think so, that what I am going to do for my mom's christmas gift.

    Probably, but you would want to add some natural preservatives. But don't take my word for it. :)

    do you think that if you add a little bit more olive oil, you could roll the scrub into like a bath ball type thingy?? (Scrub ball??)

    1 reply

    The only way to make them in to a ball and make the ingredients stick together is to use a little bit of melt and pour soap. Otherwise, you won't be able to roll them into a ball and have them solidify. I have done this and it works wonders. Sells like hotcakes too!


    3 years ago

    Can you tell me if this is a goldish or brownish color? I am
    Making some for baby shower and would really like it if it were gold. Also,
    Do they smell good? I want them to smell good as well.

    How please? is this stuff used? I understand that it is something for the skin, but do you dilute it or rub it on dry or what??? Are there any restrictions, like " don't use on mucus membranes" ?

    3 replies

    It si best to rub it on dry, as you get the best effect of the total "exfoliation" in a sense.

    you use it in the shower - not really a replacement for soap - but it can be a good replacement for lotion after the shower. The way I use it is i bathe as normal, rub salts into skin (especially good for elbows and knees) wash off -or- soak in the bath...hope that helps.

    This mixture is pretty oily, so I wash off with soap and water and things are still pretty moist.

    smells good don't it (falls asleep)

    Thank you I love this stuff so much! :)