Easy Knex Harpoon Rifle




Introduction: Easy Knex Harpoon Rifle

This is my first instructable, a knex harpoon rifle!

(it was takeing a lot of time to upload the photo's.-_-)

Step 1: The Barrel

1 and 2: make some of these, how more, how longer.

3: make 3 of these.

4: make 1 of this one, for the back.

5: make also 1 of this one, this is the handle.

6: connect the parts of 1 and 3 like this.

Step 2: The Tricker

2 and 3: make these

1: connect them

4: side view

Step 3: Connect It All

connect the parts that u make like the images

4: it will look like this.

Step 4: Add the Rubber Bands

now add the rubber bands like the images

3: add a green rod to the rubber band on his place

Step 5: Load and FIRE!!!

finaly, the fun begins

1: pull the rubber band to this point

2: the ammo

3: put the ammo like this

pull the tricker and...FIRE! plz dont shoot in the eyes of someone, it realy hurts!



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    22 Discussions

    wow this is an amazing rifle
    lol i accidently bruised myself with it :0

    Built in less than 1 hour - amazing!
    The best weapon I have ever built - thanks very much.

    not a harpoon-no strings attached
    cant pull it back

    VERY VERY VERY powerful, shot myself in the hand with it and it realy realy hurt, it even drew blood!!

    very good gun,


    Good first instructable, you should try to build a really cool airplane i don't think one has been done before.

    3 replies

    This isn't my gun!!! Well actualy it's a jet but it's not mine anyway. Daniel662000 was asking if there was a knex plane so I showed him this plane I saw.