Easy Nerf Blowgun

Introduction: Easy Nerf Blowgun

this is how to make a very easy blowgun that shoots nerf darts. you need a piece of PVC pipe and a dart (and the top of a plastic bottle). first, check the fitting of the dart to the pipe. if it doesn't fit just wrap it in duct tape in the front and back till it fits. for the mouthpiece, cut the top off of a bottle and stick it on top of the pipe, taping it on with more tape. now you have your own nerf blowgun. it shoots very well, maybe better than a real gun, but lots cheaper.

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    2 years ago

    dank. is the mouthpiece nessesary though? and if people do not have access to those darts, you can use whistler darts. they sell them on ebay for pretty cheap. if you use those you are going to want to put some scotch tape on the tip to make them shoot further. also, the tube you probably want to use is 1/2 inch. also, the mouthpeice looks sharp, sharp enough to cut your lip if you are not careful. the reason i know all of this is because i made one.