Easy Paper Flowers

Introduction: Easy Paper Flowers

This cute flower bunch is very easy to make and the cost is really low. you will only need few colorful papers, a pair of scissors and glue. Yeah! that's it. Simple yet beautiful.

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Step 1: Making the Flower.

1. cut squares from the papers first. I have used 3"× 3" here. you can make them bigger or smaller as you wish. bigger the easier,though.

2.Fold the paper in to a triangular shape.

3.Fold it again to make another small triangle.

4.Again fold the shape into two to get the shape as shown in picture 4.

5.Cut it into a curvy v shape as in picture 5.

6.Unfold! Make more of them.

Step 2: Making the Stem.

making the stem is the easiest.

1.Cut strips of green paper about 1 inch wide. You can choose any length you like. Mine is 30 cm.

2. Start rolling one from a corner.

3.Keep rollin!

4.Secure the end with glue. Make more of these too.

Step 3: Assemble!

1. Now take those flowers and stems you made. they look cool already aren't they? (:

2.This step needs a little understanding. You can see in your flowers that there are this lines you folded before. Eye on a point where you can find a structure as I've marked on it. To further explain it, between the two lines marked, there should be 5 comple petals and 2 halves on both sides. ( look at the pictures carefully )

3.Then fold the flower in to two and glue the stem in the centre. Let dry for few minutes.

4. Finally, glue the outsides of the lines marked, and stick them together. Let dry.

Puff the flower gently with your hands to make them look more natural.

Admire your beautiful flowers!

Do make sure to share your ideas. Thank you!!! ?

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