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Introduction: Fun Polystyrene Glider

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This is my first instructable. A fun glider for your children,younger brother or sister .Or just for your self.Its very easy to make and the best part is that you decide the way it looks , how big it is.

Step 1: Things You Need

As you'll notice the pic is up-side down.You need:1 cardboard box or just cardboard(bigger is better) ,1(or more) any size polystyrene tray ( bigger is better), 1 pencil,1 eraser (not shown),1 ruler, 1 sizers or a knife, some prestick,  and a model aircraft book (optinal)

Step 2: Getting Started

(If your not using a box skip this step.) Open the box to get( pic 1). Cut out a section (pic 2).You should have (pic 3) .cut the flappy edgers out.Now you have the main pice(pic4)  .  

Step 3: The Fun Part

Start to draw the body, front wings and the rear-wings.A model aircraft book comes in handy here . I'm not telling you my blue print use you creativity. Your drawings must fit onto the polystyrene tray.Tip: be relistice about the wings ,dont have long but thin wings or vice versa, put the front wing high enough so you can hold it.Put the rear wings at a angle just gess it. gess the thickness of thd polystyrene , too small is better than to big.When your done you can start to cut it out.

Step 4: Trace and Cut

Sorry i forgot to take a pic for how to trace so i will try to explain how.put the card down on the polystyrene and trace the card out becarefull when tracing and cut out the poly so you have pic 1.

Step 5: Put It to Gether

If the wings dont fit use a knife and cut or falttin the poly a bit.Take the prestic put it on the nose of the plan,+ or - to get the balenceing point on the front wing.

Step 6: Test It

There is no garanty that it will work  so dont get too happey just yet,test it if it dosnot fly mess a round with the way you throw the angle that you throw. for fun i would like u to show me your desins . 

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