Easy Porcupine Pistol




this is what you will make. this is an easy gun for begginers.

Step 1: Barrel

make these

Step 2: Putting Barrel Together

put together exactly as shown and attach the other base side. (helpful hint: put each ladder on each connecter and the attach it all together.)

Step 3: Handle

make this for the handle and attach to barrel as shown.

Step 4: Trigger

make this trigger and attach to the handle as shown. then add the elastic bands as shown on each side.

Step 5: Pin

make this pin. (FYI: you dont need the piece that is in front of the rubber band. you can use any stopper you would like. this is the best one and is recommended.)

Step 6: Band Placement

attach elastic bands as shown on both sides of the gun.

Step 7:

the rods are your ammunition. the top of the gun allows easy amo storage.

Step 8: Creative

if you want to add more go ahead. I simply added a stock, grip and a magazine.



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    2 Discussions

    Pretty neat look, and I can definitely see the namesake in the final prop. You did a great job showing each step of your build!