Easy Rose Paper Quilling




Introduction: Easy Rose Paper Quilling

hello everyone, this time i'ill tell you how to make easy rose paper quilling for wall decoration,,

but first , i want to apologize , my english is very bad..

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Step 1: All You Need.

you need :




-glue (i used uhu liquid glue, its corosive to a styrofoam)

-quilling paper (i used kokoro, its thicker than regular paper)

-wodem board (you can change using cardboard or anything else)

Step 2: Make a Roll

first you choose 2 color from quilling paper pack, and then you can twiz its using tweezer like in the picture.

and hold that for a few second.

Step 3: Make the Rose

after you hold that a few second, you can realese that, and glue the and of paper to make the paper still round, and you can start make a curve on the side using tweezer,

Step 4: Make the Leaf

take white and green color from pack , and cut it in half, and cut it again like in the picture, then you roll that and glue the end of paper , and you can press using your fingger on the 2 side to make it look like a leaf. anddd make the other leaf using the same way,

Step 5: Make the Stalk

you can use green paper and cut it curvy on the side to make stalk, that really easy,

Step 6: Glue Part to the Board

and after you has finish, you start gluing part on the board, and you can do that with with your own ways, and you can chose the best position, after you have the best position, start giving the glue to on the board at correct place,

after that, your project has finish.. or you can and anything elese to the board for make it more beautiful,

i am sorry again if my english very bad..

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