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Introduction: Easy Tile Necklace

Have you ever noticed the beautiful mosaic tiles in the flooring department of the hardware store?  I think they are enchanting.  So why not make a necklace out of them?

Step 1: Materials and Tools

There's nothing new going on here.  Just some really basic metal forming, attaching some glue and findings.

But here are all the things you might want to use

files for smoothing rough edges
tin snips for crudely cutting metal
jeweler's saw for finer detailed cutting of metal
pliers for bending metal

findings such as chain, clasps, jump rings, etc.

a torch for heating up metal to make it softer
a pan of water for cooling metal

glass mosaic tiles
sheet metal from the hardware store.  I used a 6" by 24" sheet which was $5.  26 gauge

Step 2: Create a Pendant Bail

or you could just go buy one if you prefer.  I didn't have one around, so I made a crude one out of sheet steel

Heat up the sheet metal with a torch until it turns red and starts to change colors.  This will soften it and make it easier to cut.

Dip the hot metal in a pan of water to cool it off.  You will hear it sizzle.  After the  hot areas are submerged in water they will be cool and easy to handle.

Snip out a little strip of metal with the tin snips and file the rough edges down with a file

Step 3: A Different Bail

Try making a fancier bail if you feel like it. 

Trace a design into the softened metal.  Cut it out with the jeweler's saw.  File the edges and finish however you like.

Bend it to fit the piece.  Glue into place

Step 4: Glue the Bail to the Tile

I don't know quite what glue to use for this.  I'm just trying this stuff shown for the first time.  Super glue might work just as well.

Be careful with the glue.  Try to keep it off your fingers and off the face of the tile.

Step 5: Attach a Chain

Select a chain, cut it to the desired length, thread it through, attach jump rings and a clasp... just the basic stuff

Race you to the swap meet!  woot!  =)

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    28 Discussions

    E6000 is the type of glue to use for the bail. It's available at any craft store, or online.

    This would be a great way to make pendants out of sea glass! I like the way you did the bail - looks nice and clean. I wouldn't recommend 'super glue' because it doesn't stick well for glass long-term. Tends to come undone after a few days.

    Nice, I think I have some tiles like that lying around, great idea turning them into a necklace.

    3 replies

    Here is mine, I used a store bought bail (metal work is not my thing). I love it, thanks for the great 'ible!


    I wonder if you could just use a dremmal (sp?) and cut a hole in the top and then add some twisted wire to make a bale...or or or, maybe wrap it around the tile and so on... hey I just got an idea...thanks for the instructable. These are very pretty.

    13 replies

    Yeah I did try to drill a hole at first, but couldn't get anywhere with the drill. But maybe with the right drill bit it could work.

    probably, I used a diamond tipped one to put a small hole in a piece of sea glass, submerging it in a very shallow bowl with a little bit of water in it to keep it from braking, than fed a silver wire thru and curled it around the front and twisted the top with some glass beads and made a very pretty charm. It's about an inch and a half long and haven't found the right chain for it yet. I might just make one to go with it cause it's in my bead box with like 30 or so more of different charms. I like making them but never put them on chains...lol (I'm weird.) One day I'll make a tut on how I do it, but there's so many of them as it is.

    A diamond tipped drill bit sounds like a great idea. I'm going to have to look for one.

    I got mine at walmart. they don't cost to much (2 something) and with my discount they cost even less....:)

    Look in the hardware section next to the power tools, they are usually on peg hooks along the top above the dremels. (at least that's where they are here) I could show right where they are as well. Face the paint counter, and depending on your store layout, it will be the third isle to the left, right hand side 1/4 of the way down, just as you go in. opposite side for the newer layouts. (I work at Walmart...lol)

    j.l., you could probably make the hole but, as I mentioned above, there's 'wearability' and 'longevity' issue here. On top of that, the metal bail is setting off the tile.

    You just keep going with what you've tried and works. They're lovely.

    I agree, I never thought she should do it 'my way' I was only saying that a hole could be made into it. I love the designs and thing what she has done is wonderful, don't get me wrong.

    Oh, no, I know you were offering suggestions to make the hole in that tile and your suggestions are good ones, such as using a diamond tip. If she wanted to try it, your ideas are sound. What I was saying was, basically, why go the trouble if what you're trying to do works well and adds beauty?

    I learned from YOU that, yep, it can be done, if I tried to do it for reason.

    Good tips, Taria! Sorry if my words came off wrong.

    oh no, it's okay, I never thought they sound wrong or anything. I just wanted to clear it up and make sure that I was only suggesting a drill. But her designs are wonderful they way they are. I was pretty much thinking on the lines of adding a bit more so to speak cause I like other ways of doing things as well.

    I'm always thinking outside the box...lol

    No harm.