Easy to Make Find It Game



This is an easy and fun game to make.  You will have fun making it and playing it!

Step 1: What You Need to Start

You need a clear water bottle.  I used a five gallon water bottle.  You will need to select objects to use as the objects you will find ("find its").  I have selected 20 "find it" objects.  Each object must be able to pass through the opening in the top of the bottle. If you can't find anything you want use as your ("find its") then just get a rock and spraypaint it blue or green or red you can choose any color you want.

Step 2: Additional Objects

You will need lots of extra objects to cover your "find its".  I used necklaces, bottle caps, easter eggs, crayons, and fake coins.  Adding these additional objects hides the "find it" objects.  You can use any objects you want as long as it is different than your "find it" objects.

Step 3: Make a "find It" List

Make a list of all the objects that you have to find.  Again, I call them "find its".

Step 4: Almighty Duct Tape

After you have put all of the objects in your bottle, you will need to seal your bottle so that you can turn it "every which way" so you can find your objects.  You may need duct tape to seal your bottle if your cap no longer fits, or you lost it.  I used two 10" long pieces of the ALMIGHTY DUCT TAPE!!!!!!! 

Step 5: How to Play

Once the bottle is sealed, you need to twist and turn the bottle to find the "find its".  Once you have found a "find it" object,  you cross out the object on the list.  Once you have found all of the "find its",  YOU HAVE WON THE GAME!



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