Easy Window Shelf for Cats and Other Light Uses Like a Garden.





Introduction: Easy Window Shelf for Cats and Other Light Uses Like a Garden.

I have two cats . There is exactly one window on the ground floor that faces south. That makes it irresistible to them, and it is also the place where I want my kitchen table. Here is my solution, a shelf that hangs from the window ledge and does not put holes in the wall that the landlord might not like. It keeps them off my table and still lets them enjoy the sunshine. This shelf would be good for a window garden or other lightweight uses too.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

In this photo are all the things I needed. A cheap particle board shelf, some angle brackets(8 inch) and sheetmetal angle iron plus screws and spacers. The spacer in the photo here are rain gutter connectors I had but they didn't work

Step 2: The Sheetmetal Is the Key

These are cut bits of sheetmetal angle that I had lying around but you can use whatever fits in your window and still get the window to close. Once it is cut and the window closes, mark the point where the window trim extends onto the flat portion of the metal as in photo two.

Step 3: Screw the Angles!

Attach the angle to the particle board shelf leaving enough hanging off the edge to clear the window trim so the window will close all the way. Test fit this as in photo 3, see how the window closes all the way with the angle inserted into the vinyl channel? good, on to the next step.

Step 4: The 8 Inches Makes It Strong

Attach the 8 inch angle brackets to the shelf bottom, level the shelf and shove them right up to the wall. Then figure out the minimum spacer you will need to get around the window sill. Mine was 1 1/4 so I used a cut bit of pvc pipe as a spacer attached to the lower bracket hole with a screw. Then I leveled the shelf and attached the bracket to it with more screws. This should hold up my fat cat.

Step 5: It Works, But Make It Pretty to the Cat

Here is the functional shelf. You could use it without cats for an indoor garden or to put semi-lightweight items on (not a bookshelf) but for cat use we need to add some scratchy carpet, like this scrap from a floor place that threw it away, scrounging is free! Staple the carpet around the ends and then reset the shelf into position.

Step 6: It's a Hit!

The cats enjoy the sun in the winter and I enjoy not having them on my kitchen table. My wife made a fabric cover because the cats did not scratch as much as feared and we can now wash the cover when it gets gross. If you like this writeup, please check out my other Instructables and look at my blog at badmoviegame.com



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    6 Discussions

    I think the hot pink nails may be nail caps, a humane alternative to declawing. Declawing is so cruel!

    Love this project, thanks. Your cat is so cute.

    Nice idea. Love the Hot Pink nails on the Tabby on the right. Lol. So cute.


    3 years ago

    So cute!!!!!! IM DYING!!

    I like it! My window sills are prime cat areas.

    Very nice! I may have to pitch this idea at home. One of our cats has a "girlfriend" who comes to visit him in the evening and he has nowhere to stand near the window except the back of the couch/on my head.