DIY, Free Laptop Stand and Cooler

easy....Free Notebook Stand and Cooler(just removable and use)
Hi, my Nickname is shostakovich, it's Russian Composer's name.
and I like he...
now.... we thinkng about making free notebook Stand and Cooler

using motor-fan 's back side steel net

Step 1: Just Unpack

motor fan..... unpack

Step 2: Just Use...

sorry about my poor English :-)
so..and very cool for notebook....



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    Pros: Probably cools your laptop down due to air flow capabilities.
    Cons: Metal could scratch your laptop, it's not an attractive concept, it's bulky & couldn't be used as a laptop coolant on your LAP, & honestly I can think of more.
    However, after looking at this, it has given me an idea/ You could use "thick wire" cutters & bend out the wires until it lies flat. Then cut the excess off of the sides, squaring the piece & using this a makeshift grid piece. Bend each end at a 45 degree angle at about 1" in to each wire. Then go ahead & add a 12V (or whatever size you'd like) fan or ten (your preference here), wire them together, then run with a USB port through the wire caging. Create a bottom "box" or base, & if you're still feeling crafty, tack, staple, glue, etc. on a piece of material, leaving a hole large enough to pour some bean bag styrofoam beads into, close up that hole, make sure everything is fit snugly together. Comfy on the lap, upcycling an old fan, finally having that ;laptop cooling pad & giving it a touch of style that's your own. I may build this & post a step by step soon. It just came to me, so I'm sure I'll have find kinks in the idea & have to work them out. On the base you could try out your electronic skills by adding a pot meter to adjust fan speed, toggle switch to turn on & off even when plugged in, add some resistors & put some LED lights in it, or simply run an LED stip along the outter edge of the cage.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I bet you could add the motor in there some where as well.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Our fan broke and I took this as an example. Flipped the steel net upside down and it works perfectly.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    o and i say
    its basic but dose the job good
    10/10 for the idaer
    and nice idaer to use a old fan to do it dose the laptop stay on or do u have to hold it on ?