Edible 8-bit Heart




Introduction: Edible 8-bit Heart

In this instructable I will show you how to make an edible 8-bit heart sure to please any video game fan or candy fan, out of just one 14 oz bag of starburst candy and a hot glue gun.

Materials/ Tools needed:

One 14oz bag of Starburst candies, FaveReds are preferred due to the pink/red color palette.

Hot glue gun

Step 1: Getting Ready.

I think it is best to begin by Knolling all of your candy into columns. You may want to skip this step if you just want to make a quick heart that has no color scheme. You will need a total of 68 starburst for the heart so you will have extras, but don't eat any just yet.

Step 2: Making the Cubes

Your first gluing task will be to create 34 "cubes" by gluing two starburst together on the broad sides. I put cubes in quotation, because they are not quite perfect cubes, although they are very close. You can choose to glue your starburst in a pattern as you make cubes, or you can glue them randomly.

Step 3: Arranging the Cubes Into a Heart

As you make the cubes it is helpful to begin arranging them in a heart formation as you go. The above template should just be used for the general shape. It is very random as to what colors you will get in a bag of starburst. I suggest improvising and trying to make a pattern based on the colors you get.

Step 4: Glue the Cubes Into Columns, Glue the Columns Into a Heart.

After you make the cubes begin by gluing columns of cubes together. I find it best to hold the cubes on a flat surface while gluing them to make sure the columns are straight.

Step 5: Clean Off the Hot Glue Webs and Enjoy!

Should be self explanatory, no one wants a heart covered in hot glue webs. After cleaning you are done!

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    I have now made approximately 50 of these for a school fundraiser. The video was done of the very last one that I made. I think the way that I ended up making them looks far nicer than the pictures, this only occurs to me after looking at the instructable. I think that gluing the cubes together into columns with the broad side facing outward is the way to go. So in summary: don't look at the photos, watch the video!