Edison Protect Us~!

Introduction: Edison Protect Us~!

Intel IoT Roadshow in Korea

Step 1: Edison Protect Us~!

It is security system using Intel edison board with various sensors such as light, mic, potentiometer. This system will helps us to easily detect any suspicious signs as people access our system by blinking LED and LCD with text, revolving servo motor and ring buzzer.

We can connect two edison board through WiFi. Two edison board communicate each other, so they can transfer data of sensors or alarm signal.

Team member - Doyu Kim, moon bc, Minsung Kim

Step 2: Edison Protect Us~!

1st Winner of Intel IoT Roadshow in Korea



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    2 Discussions

    I am Bc Moon.

    I am a member of the team.

    It was a great experience.

    Wow looks like a very nice gadget, and so useful in this modern day. Congratulations on placing in the Intel Roadshow, that's awesome! I just wish there more detailed pictures on how to build it, it can really help people emulate your amazingness.